Mr. 80%

(3 MEN, 3 WOMEN)

Sharon, a rising young attorney, and Patricia, a medical resident, need another roommate to help pay the rent on their New York apartment. But Sharon insists it be either a female or gay male.

Enter Sam and Jan, a comedy team who move into the apartment. Only they're not gay. They're just desperate enough for a decent apartment to let the women think that they're gay.

"An engaging, entertaining soufflé, laced with one-liners and quick comic turns."

- Chicago Sun-Times

"Sherman, once again, has his finger firmly on the pulse of the zeitgeist in a light and frothy play that could serve as a time capsule for the 1980's."

- Variety

"The results are hilarious, laughs hitting line after line."

- Lerner Newspapers

one woman looking skeptically at another
man oggling beautiful woman who's touching his arm