Jest A Second

(4 MEN, 2 WOMEN)

JEST A SECOND! is a tender and jovial companion piece to the popular BEAU JEST.

Another visit to Sarah Goldman's apartment shows that a year has passed in the life of the Goldman family. Sarah and Bob are married and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. Now Sarah's brother, Joel, reveals the secret that he has been keeping from their parents. When the parents come for dinner, Bob's acting abilities are called into play once again in a hilarious masquerade.

"In the small, special field of sentimental family comedy, where absolutely nobody does it better, Jim Sherman has written his best play yet, JEST A SECOND!"

- Chicago Tribune

"Trust me on this: JEST A SECOND! is very funny."

- Wall Street Journal

"Sherman piles surprise on surprise, sending audiences out into the night feeling very good indeed."

- Backstage

4 men and two women, all smiling, with arms around each other