From Door to Door


Mary Goodman is mourning the loss of her husband after 50 years of marriage. She reflects back on her life as a daughter, wife and mother searching for a vision of her own identity. Shifting back and forth in time from Humboldt Park to Rogers Park to Highland Park, From Door to Door brings new meaning to the song, "L'Dor V'Dor" (From Generation to Generation). As it spans 70 years of family history, From Door to Door is a funny, touching tribute to three generations of women in America.

"A little laugh, a little cry, a touch of schmaltz. The plays of James Sherman have heart and skill. And they touch us wth their gentle, tried and true sentiment. "

- Chicago Tribune

"Sherman gets it right. He knows his characters inside and out. Telling their stories with simplicity and elegance, Sherman makes us want to know them too."

- Chicago Reader